Royal Bermuda Mai Tai by TechieBlends

Let’s take a trip to Bermuda from home with TechnieBlends’ Royal Bermuda Mai Tai cocktail creation. Try your hands at this! 


Two Trader Vic originals in one? Yes and it comes together in the most Vic’s way possible. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club is Vic’s tiki-fied version of the Daiquiri and there is his legendary MaiTai. It started out as a simple sub when I ran out of Orgeat mid way through making drinks at home. Falernum to the rescue! It’s more like a spiced Orgeat and I began to build the drink from there. Went for a split sweet liqueur with Falernum/dry curaçao and also a rum base split. Of-course added S&C for a bit of funk which seems to be a must in all my rum drinks lately. Finally the blood orange juice added the touch of bitter tartness to the drink and made it even more refreshing. And of-course it resembled a lot like a mash up of the two legendary drinks. No wonder it tasted amazing and did not mind having this on a cold winter night.