The Volcano

The Volcano at Mount Etna

The Eastern coast of Sicily is optimal in growing citruses. Namely for it's microclimate and fertil soil at the slope of Etna volcano, which lends itself to some of the best blood oranges out there.

The biggest active volcano in Europe (Mount Etna – about 3.350 metres high) is located in the North-Eastern part of the island and the land at the foot of the volcano (Catania plan) is the best area for citrus fruits because during the winter the snow on the top of the volcano causes huge temperature ranges: during the day the temperature is about 15°C and at night it drops to 3/4°C. This cold weather is essential in making anthocyanins, which develops the red colour that blood oranges are known for. The same oranges grown in other climates in the world will not have the same colouring, the same taste and the same organoleptic characteristics.