Royal Reviver by WanderingBarFly

This wonderful cocktail was created by WanderingBarFly on Instagram. Read below how he created this cocktail and how you can, too!

“One of my favorite combinations as soon as the weather turns is ginger lemon and honey. Add a little whiskey and good night!. For today’s drink, I left out the honey and used my homemade pecan pie syrup for a rich toasted layer that anchors the spicy ginger. The orange and lemon complement the nutty flavor from the syrup and play off the ginger nicely.

The main star of this drink is the King's Ginger. The story on this liqueur is that it was originally created for King Edward VII. Apparently, he was a wild man who used to drive his horseless carriage, gallivanting all hours of the night. His doctors grew concerned for his health so they commissioned a liqueur to be made from the medicinal ginger root that would both revive and warm.

On a cool crisp day as today it still serves its purpose, and hey if it's good enough for a king it's good enough for me.”